The great success  of “The Amazing SpiderMan”, now bringing  it’s new part that is “The amazing SpiderMan 2″ that will rock cinemas. This movie start it’s working and it is going to release on May 2014. It’s production release it’s official poster or some wallpapers for it’s promotion, so as to make a name in market.


Check out some of it’s wallpapers and official poster:- 

Story of this movie:-

Peter Parkar; main star of this movie is very much busy in his life in spending his time with his girlfriend(Zwen) and taking out bad guys in the form of spider man. Still now Peter has not forgotten about the promise that he made to Gwen’s father to keep distance from gwen but he always broke this promise . Peter’s life changes when new villan Electro(Jaime Foxx) emerges an old friend, Harry Osborn(Dane De hann), returns, and peter uncover new clues about his past.

Release Date of The Movie:-

    May 2,2014

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